Falcon™ Cementing Unit

Maximizing slurry density control

Falcon Cementing Unit

Falcon Cementing Unit

The Falcon™ Cementing Unit Uses an integral slurry mixing system to control slurry density and consistency. The control systems also enable programming of multiple slurry blends, including ultra-lightweight cement slurries.

The reliable, twin-pump design features two electronic transmissions and two diesel engines, minimizing downtime. There is ample deck work area, an automatic overpressure shutdown safety system and a virtually dust-free mixing environment for safe operations. In addition, the Falcon is equipped with control and monitoring systems for control of job parameters, real-time job data acquisition and post-job analysis.


  • Land cement pumping operations

Features and Benefits

  • Minimizes nonproductive time with reliable twin-pump design
  • Precise automatic slurry density control programable for multiple slurry blends
  • Density control range from ultralightweight to 22 ppg slurries
  • Virtually dust-free, direct feed bulk delivery system and automatic tub level control
  • Comprehensive monitoring package with real-time remote data transmission capability
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